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Lena Quagliato

Call me Lena, that’s how I sign all my paintings anyway. I am a 2010 Graduate of College of the Ozarks with a BA in Studio Art, Painting. I was raised in the mountains and plains of Colorado on small hobby farms, near agricultural towns. I have always loved art and animals.

When I was young I loved playing with puppies, kittens, goats, frogs, craw-dads, or even ant farms. I spent a lot of time taking care of baby animals that needed mommies. When I wasn’t playing with the critters I was getting down on all fours and barking, meowing and romping like one of them. I always wondered what it would be like to be an animal.

Coupled with my love for animals was my love for art. I used my experience and love for animals to study and draw their every whisker. Though I was drawing ever since I could hold a pencil, it wasn’t until the age of twelve I began experimenting with acrylic paint (which I still prefer). I have been entering shows and doing commissions ever since.

Some of my later work echoes the culture of the Missouri Ozarks, where I moved with my family in 2005. It was there that I learned about College of the Ozarks.

At College of the Ozarks I developed a style of realism, sometimes combined with gestural strokes or bright colors. I strive for strong compositions and unique perspectives coupled with a sense of ambiguity.  Just as a child, I have a passion for the details and little treasures of the animal kingdom. I have a need to represent them for the miracles they are. Often my paintings of farm animals or nature echo Christian concepts with deep meanings to me.

Overall I strive to put the viewer in the subject’s world. Perhaps art is my new way to get into those other worlds that I once wanted so much to be a part of. Now all I have to do is paint my imaginations, and everyone can go there with me! It’s all in the Perspective!

AWARDS and Achievements:     

2018: “Barnyard Royalty” Accepted into the NOAPS, 2018 Fall Online International juried competition.

2018: Art Classic Art Show, Newhall CA. 1st place in Oil category.

2017: Art Classic Art Show, Newhall CA. 1st place in Acrylic and 1st place in Oil categories.

2014: Commissioned for Pawn Stars portraits. Featured on show

2012: “Trust” painting bought by Ralph Foster Museum

2011: White River Art Exhibit. Third Place.

2010: Featured artist at Mountain Grove Arts Council art show.

2010: White River Art Exhibit. First Place. Juror and judge, Manuela Welloffman.

2009: White River Art Exhibit. Hubie and Alice Edward Award. Juror and judge, Aaron Jones, Public Tour Program Coordinator Crystal Bridges- Museum of American Art.

2009: 2nd , 3rd place and Honorable Mention, Art League of the Ozarks.

2009: Guest Artist, Arkansas Valley Fair, Rocky Ford, Colorado.

2009: Champion and Reserved Grand Champion. Arkansas Valley Fair, Rocky Ford Co.

2009: Art Faculty Award, College of the Ozarks.

2008: Associates Art Studio Award, College of the Ozarks.

2004: Colorado State Fair juried art show.

2003: People’s Choice Award. Sangre de Cristo Art Center, La Veta, Colorado.

2002, 2nd place. Balloon Fest Art Show. Chamber of Commerce, Rocky Ford Colorado.

27 thoughts on “Artist Bio

  1. Hi ms Lena,just another admirer of your work,Im from Alabama and dabble a little in oil paintings,watched Bob Ross back in the day,anyway,love your work and think your absolutely beautiful,keep up the good work,


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  3. Hello, I do most of my portraits via e-mail correspondence. You can send more information on your desired project to along with reference photos, sizes of portraits and # of people in each for a more accurate quote. Thank you. Lena


  4. Hola. Hable Usted Ignles? Aye una pagina aqui llamada “Commissions and Contact info” y tiene una forma de contacto. Por favor completelo con los detales de su requesto y enviamelo. Gracias!


  5. Hola Lena !!

    Me llamo Rolando Chavarria y vivo en la ciudad de vieja de Monterrey ( Mexico ).
    Cuando vi tu trabajo en Pawn Stars por la señal de cable TV de Historry quedé impresionado con el gran talento ( que solo DIOS pudo darte ) con que pinstaste a estos 3 maestros de los negocios.
    Como hago para contactarte ?
    Necesito pedirte me cotices una obra familiar párecida a la de los Pawn Stars.
    Saludos y Felicidades Lena !!



  6. Hi Lena. I’m rewriting the email because I see the email address came out wrong the part that says .net.
    above it said .Net


  7. Hey Lena, I saw your work on pawn stars, and I was impressed. Then I was even more impressed after I visited your website. I really like your work, and your personality! I’d love to meet you someday, and have you do some painting.



  8. hey! Thank you for your encouragement. Of course I wouldn’t mind you sharing my artwork. Thank you so much for your good work and fixing my Mom! I know she was in bad shape 🙂


  9. Hello Lena,

    Saw your mom yesterday and she told me what you were up to. All I can say is “AMAZING”! It’s always great to see a small-town-girl-makes-good story unfold. I know God is using you and will continue to do so. Hope you don’t mind if I do a short post on your artwork on my site? I would love to share your work with our readers. Let me know what you think.

    Russ Schierling


  10. Lena, saw the pawn star show you looked so good as well as your paintings. We are proud to say we know “that young lady” you truly are impressive. God bless and keep you. maybe we’ll see you again sometime.


  11. I loved your portraits on pawn stars and was wondering if you could draw a portrait of my children


  12. Lena I enjoyed seeing your work on pawn stars you are extremely talented and I would love to start a collection of your work. Do you offer limited edition prints ? Also my grandmother from Germany was named Lena thank you for sharing your talent. God bless you. Sincerely David akins


  13. Lena – how fun to see you (and your artistic abilities) grow from a quiet young girl to a beautiful woman. I especially love “The Fruits of Labor”; it reminds me of you. Can’t wait to see you on TV!


  14. I have fond memories of you as a young artist in Rocky Ford, Colorado. As you know, I still have the paper plate upon which you sketched my hubby! And now I have a painting of our sweet dog, which we proudly display in our home. Thank you for being part of our lives through your art.


  15. What a wonderful website! And what a talented artist!! Lena’s art beautifully captures the character and often whimsical nature of her subjects. Her creations communicate to me a deep appreciation for good humor and the simple joys of life.


  16. This is amazing! I love the new website.You are so talented!! Keep up the good work. I’m a sure fan!!!


  17. Simply Delightful and Refreshing !! Just like you are! We wish you the sweetest success ever ❤ May every bit of your hard work and inspiration pay off in every way.


  18. Love your new page, Lena! I am anticipating your new paintings this summer! I’m glad you have the “follow” feature down there in the corner so that I can stay posted.


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