New Life

Hi, everybody! I have some good news and BIG changes that have set my life and art on a new course. First of all, one June 29th 2013 I was married to the love of my life and Quagliato was officially changed to Miller (yeah, big change). But don’t worry, it won’t effect the name of my business and I will still sign my maiden name on the art work. The second change is my husband and I recently moved to Los Angeles so that he could attend USC for Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television (yeah, he’s super talented too). Since my art tends to reflect my perspective on the environment that I find myself submerged in, than look for the influence of the “Big City” on my art. Yeah, I told you they were BIG changes. So if you hear about a Lena Miller making it big in the art scene of LA, that’s me! ha, ha. It should be an interesting ride.