Cell Phone Cases with my Art

My profile on Fine Art America offers to print my paintings onto cell phone cases, making a unique and one of a kind way to enjoy art every day! These would make a great Christmas gift idea. I can also make your pet’s portrait available as a phone case if you have recently commissioned one or plan to commission one from me.

Please check out the link below if you are interested in carrying one of MY paintings in your pocket! They print a variety of Galaxy and Apple phone styles. (some images may need adjusted to fit the phone) http://pixels.com/art/all/lena+quagliato/all

Tea Paintings, Original Designs. “Tea Box Series”

This is something new I have been experimenting with -the natural colors of tea in painting! So I designed a series of my own tea box designs and painted them with natural stains. I always enjoy nature and natural things, so for me this was an exciting method to paint. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a satisfactory green with tea and had to substitute some watercolor, but the yellows and reds are all natural. And they smell good too!!

Gifts for the Country-Lover in your Life (Under $50)

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Details and decorations are subject to change according to my artistic license. If you have details that you particularly like about the photos listed, please specify so that I can do my best to meet your expectations.