Drawings and Sketches

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These are some sketches and drawings that I dug out of my old notebooks. Some are recent and others are from when I was only 15 (in 2002.) These aren’t really commissioned portraits, just things I drew of friends and family, pictures out of magazines, Mom’s old book of actresses as well as some live poses from figure drawing or college classes. Enjoy!

Brer Rabbit Series

This is a three-part series based on the stories of Brer Rabbit. Each one has the short story, which it is based on, scribbled into the background as texture. The Brer Rabbit that we grew up knowing was clever and funny, but seldom do we hear of the original stories that did not make it into the modern children’s books because of their violent themes. Many of the animal characters never lived to see “happily ever after.” Perhaps you know these stories well, or perhaps you would like to check them out from the library to meet the REAL Brer Rabbit!