Christmas Morning ll

Lynetta 2013 cropped and auto correct sm

This is my newest commission painting “Christmas Morning ll” it is a sequel to the first (which is featured below) only the children are all grown up! Merry Christmas!



This is my latest painting, titled Charming. Not only does it have dimensional texture and real fresh-water pearls embedded in the surface, but the dragon’s arm is hinged at the elbow and shoulder and the girls arm pivots at the shoulder. Controlled by a piece of fishing-line that runs between the front and back panel, the girl and dragon’s arms move simultaneously when the viewer pulls a tassel that hangs from the bottom of the painting (not in picture) When released, everything is pulled back into position by a counterweight stone, which also hangs from the bottom of the painting.

“The Man with the Alpaca Felt Hat”

This was a voluntary portrait of a friend. The picture was taken the first day we met and he was sporting one of his wife’s hand-made alpaca hats. He looked so frail and yet his personality was so colorful, that I just had to try to capture that in this watercolor / colored pencil sketch.

“Not My Will, But..”

"Not my Will, But..."
“Not my Will, But…”

This painting was created this year in April. It is water color and graphite, with acrylic accents. I wanted to depict what it was like for Jesus in that moment of decision in the garden of Gethsemane when he had to choose God’s will or his own. It struck me how real it is that Christ actually shared in our temptations, just like the Bible claims and he never asks us to do anything he didn’t do first!