Ford Timeline Mural

This mural was painted for Wehr Ford in Mountain Grove MO. It is approximately 36 x 7 feet in dimension. It was painted all by hand. I grafted out the dimensions of each car with a grid system while working off of a mobile scaffolding. It took me about two and a half months.

Coon Hunt Mural

This painting was done on the side of a storm shelter. It took me roughly one work-week to complete. It features one of the owner’s Curr dogs, which they bred and raised for coon hunting, and one of their Rocky Mountain horses. This painting was unique in that it wrapped around the corners of the building; an attractive suggestion by the commissioners.

Trompe L’oeil Window Mural

This mural is another domestic mural, done for some friends in the Lake View area of Arkansas. This mural took me 57 hours and I enjoyed it thoroughly. All the owners knew they wanted was a trompe l’ioeil of a window with an animal peeking out. I ended up suggesting the glass bottle collection and painting their own dog looking out the window. It was a fun challenge!

Drug Store Mural, Mountain Grove

This mural was created on the side of an old drug store on the square in Mountain Grove, MO. It is about 27 feet long and 7 feet high. Though the inside of the store is no longer a drug store, the painting was composed from the recollection of old-timers memories and old photos of the outside of the building. The rest was fabricated from imagination. Completed in 2010

The Lord is my Shepherd Mural, Living Springs Christian Fellowship

This mural is was done in the nursery of Living Springs Christian Fellowship in Springfield, MO. I used a paint gun to achieve the blended green look on the wall. Hidden around the room are little critters, such as spiders, frogs, mice, etc. In the middle of the back wall above the lambs is the 23rd Psalm, “The Lord is my Shepherd…” The lettering was applied by vinyl, which saved me much time and trouble!

Historic Mountain View Mural on Farmer’s Feed Store

This was my first mural, painted on the side of Farmer’s Feed store in Mountain View MO, when I was 18. It is painted on multiple 4×8 ft. panels. I did a lot of research looking at old pictures of the town to try to get it historically accurate aside from the humor. It was a huge challenge, taking me several months to complete, but ultimately teaching me the do’s and the don’ts of mural painting.