Ford Timeline Mural

This mural was painted for Wehr Ford in Mountain Grove MO. It is approximately 36 x 7 feet in dimension. It was painted all by hand. I grafted out the dimensions of each car with a grid system while working off of a mobile scaffolding. It took me about two and a half months.

Historic Mountain View Mural on Farmer’s Feed Store

This was my first mural, painted on the side of Farmer’s Feed store in Mountain View MO, when I was 18. It is painted on multiple 4×8 ft. panels. I did a lot of research looking at old pictures of the town to try to get it historically accurate aside from the humor. It was a huge challenge, taking me several months to complete, but ultimately teaching me the do’s and the don’ts of mural painting.

Cloverhill Dairy Sign

This was my first large scale, ‘mini mural’. It is four feet tall and eight feet wide. Before this I had only done 16×20″ art at the largest. Struggling with this sign introduced me to techniques I would need on murals later. It is located on North 95, four miles out of Mountain Grove MO.