Lakewood Artist Guild Exhibit

Art around town

As a member of Lakewood Artist Guild I received the opportunity to hang 8 of my largest, most creative paintings in the conference room at El Dorado Library in Long Beach CA. If you have the opportunity to stop in between February and end of May 2015, please do! (All pieces are for sale).


Chum’s Revenge Portraits

Pawn Star Artist

It’s finally public! I’m going to be on TV with the Pawn Stars and some of my paintings. The details are a surprise so be sure to watch the episode airing April 10th on the History channel. Try checking here to make sure you don’t miss it.
Also, stop by my website any time after the show airs to see photos of the paintings 

Pawn Stars Artist.
Pawn Stars Artist.

People Portraits

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Some watercolor portraits of people that I finished recently. Please check out my  commissions and contact info page if you are interested in having one done for you or someone you love!

My Gallery is growing! Will your Pet be part of it?

This album is full of my most recent commissions and is updated every time I finish one. Please check it out and if you like what you see, also check out my Commissions and Contact Info Page and contact me for one of your own!