“Warts and All”

This is my second sculpture/painting. “Warts and All” (31×27″) is similar to “Frog Eye” but with the 3-D element of “Charming” I used Magi-sculpt and sand to create the textures and the dome shape of the eye. Then I used metallic paint on the body and a combination of metallic paint and gold-leaf on the eye. A layer of high gloss acrylic gel medium on the eye¬†was my final touch.

“Frog Eye”

This was an experimental piece which I ended up liking more than I thought. I used gold- leaf flakes for the eye spots and iridescent acrylic for the glowing skin. In life this is a truly stunning, sharp piece even though it is only 12×12.” Unfortunately it is already sold, but prints are available.