“Tractor Jewel”






Can you figure out what this picture is of? That’s half the fun!

This is a painting of the underside of an Oliver tractor. The sediment jar (which is full of diesel fuel) is back- lit with the sun and round bales sit in the background. (Prints available)

“Frog Eye”

This was an experimental piece which I ended up liking more than I thought. I used gold- leaf flakes for the eye spots and iridescent acrylic for the glowing skin. In life this is a truly stunning, sharp piece even though it is only 12×12.” Unfortunately it is already sold, but prints are available.

“65 MPH”

This was my original piece created for my senior show at College of the Ozarks. It consists of a tromp l’oeil portrait in a real truck-door frame. I painted it white to blend in with the wall, but the new owners who bought it had it painted dark brown to match the decor. It is a permanent decoration at Country Living Assisted Living in Mountain Grove.


This painting is done in Latex house paint. I painted it in 2009 while at college. It is 4×5 feet in dimension. It will be purchased by the College of the Ozarks in Branson MO, and hung in the Ralph Foster Museum on Campus as of June 2012. This is my largest framed painting to date! I encourage you to visit it!

“American Sparrows”

I had wanted to paint a picture of sparrows eating fries for a long time, mainly because it intrigued me that these little birds were so adaptable. They were at home in the city, eating human food, even though they are by nature wildlife. It wasn’t until I went to college and started experimenting with perspectives, that I had a breakthrough with the composition and ‘American Sparrows’ happened.

“Amish Pace”

I like the irony of this piece. Like my painting, American Sparrows, I had had the idea for Amish Pace for years before I painted it. The idea stuck in my mind when my mom told me about an Amish horse she had seen making a left-hand turn across traffic. She described how hard he was pulling and the steam and sweat that he emitted. It emblazoned an image in my mind of the meek Amish horse being used to protest technology, and yet, like no other horse in history, having to compete with modern day traffic. This picture attempts to capture the power of a horse and comparing it to the power of technology.