“Tractor Jewel”






Can you figure out what this picture is of? That’s half the fun!

This is a painting of the underside of an Oliver tractor. The sediment jar (which is full of diesel fuel) is back- lit with the sun and round bales sit in the background. (Prints available)

“Two Faced”

This piece was created at college. I was feeling lonely, even thought I was surrounded by people. Everyone else seemed to have their own click and having fun, but I watched from a distance. I guess that’s how I felt when I painted these friends playing hackie sack in front of the cafeteria. They were having so much fun, but I had to leave the space in the foreground to represent the distance. The title refers to the general tendency of humanity to be able to be sad even while they are having fun on the outside. It is also an irony found in the clock tower which shows two different times on the two visible faces

“Still Life with Gopher Skull”

This is one of my first attempts at a fine art still life. I wanted to create a Missouri themed still life, with the colors and subjects that one would find in the woods. Although the gopher skull is native to Colorado, where I found it, I still thought it fit and wanted to use pieces of collectibles that I liked. I loved the structure of animal skulls and liked the way that it mimicked the curves of the clay cups and the holes in the nuts.

“Frog Eye”

This was an experimental piece which I ended up liking more than I thought. I used gold- leaf flakes for the eye spots and iridescent acrylic for the glowing skin. In life this is a truly stunning, sharp piece even though it is only 12×12.” Unfortunately it is already sold, but prints are available.